Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yes, I did get a Boob Job.

So I didn’t feel like actually coming out and saying it on Facebook, but I THOUGHT it was pretty obvious…But I guess not!


On March 20th, 9:00AM, I went under the knife.   Stats are as follows:

450cc, Silicone, High Profile implant, under the muscle, crease incision. 

Yes I can still breastfeed, yes they will “drop” and look very much like normal boobs, yes most of my clothing still fits, and yes we can afford it.

For those of you who feel the need to ask why I did this, what better reason do you need other than “Because I wanted to”?  What better reason is there for ANY action someone takes?  I am a 100% supporter of plastic surgery and think that if someone is not happy with an aspect of themselves, then who says they can’t change it?  Society puts too much of an emphasis on accepting yourself the way you were born.  Well what if you were born with an unsightly mole on your face?  Or a big honking nose you can’t breathe out of?  What if after years of worrying about others, your face is left with wrinkles?  What if you have tiny boobs which aren’t proportionate to the rest of your body?  Who says you can’t fix these things?  Why do you have to “accept” the way you were made?

You don’t.  Because you can be anything you want to be and look any way that you want to look.  So now I have big boobs.  Perfect boobs that are perfect for my body.  AND I LOVE THEM.  My husband is a fan too (although of course he fell in love with small-boobed Jo-Ellen, but really, what guy doesn’t like big boobs?).  I love the way I look, I love the way I feel.  I have been wanting to do this for 10+ years now and I finally did it, so fuck you haters, I’m gorgeous.

For anyone who thinks I did not need them, haha fooled you!  I have been wearing crazy padded bras for years that made me look ~C cup size.  No, I was like a 32A.  Not OK with broad shoulders and an ass that won’t quit!  So now I rock D’s or DD’s.  Haven’t quite figured it out for real yet.

So without further ado, here are my before and afters.  After is about 1 week post op, and before is the morning of. (Disregard my lack of a face...I used these pictures on a breast implant forum also, plus I was making weird faces)

Before, day of the surgery, 20Mar2012.  Bra size I was wearing: 32B NO PADDING
 Above and below were both ~1 week post op.  Also wearing a NON PADDED bra.  Still can't get over that that is ALL ME!!!
Derek and I have named them my "Ba-Bombs"


  1. I'm kinda interested in getting a similar procedure done. How much did it cost you? and did you go for a cheaper or more expensive option? I hear the cheap ones can be dangerous but I'm not sure how much you have to pay to feel safe getting it done
    You look great btw!

    1. It was pretty much in the middle of the 4k-9k range. I don't want to get into specific prices though. I didn't base my choice on price, I went for the safe, trustworthy surgeon option. Don't go cheap, you'll probably have issues. Why would you want to undercut something that is going to be a part of your body? You really want to make sure you get the best surgeon you can afford!

      Thanks :)

  2. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

    From one augmented woman to another: Gratz :D

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